Reflections with Dr. Seuss

I took the last week off from my blog to do a little reflecting. I only have a few days left in my twenties (H@LY $H!T) and I have been told that the best is yet to come. You know what...they are right! I have spent all of my twenties trying to fit in and figure out who I am. Now, I'm starting to get a good grasp on who that is and I am comfortable with it. So today I want to leave you with a quote from one of my favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. I know it sounds a tad childish but as I've grown his words have become truer than true! :)

So today do something that the future you will be proud of!

Beauty Secret Saturday

It's that time of the week again...SATURDAY! I am really excited to share a secret from my fellow lover of beauty Jess Lizama and this week I decided to let her tell you a little bit about it! :)

So I'm kind of obsessed with eyelashes! I've always had long eyelashes naturally, but like the hair on my head they are long, fine, and super straight! There's something about eyelashes that bring youth to the eyes and give the appearance of a night well rested even when you've staying up half the night editing!

I'm islander, which means my mother used to put coconut oil on everything! It was the fix all ingredient in our home.....tummy ache? Coconut oil heated up on the palm of your hand and then rub it on your stomach! Itchy scalp? Coconut oil leave in conditioner. Ran out of SPF? Mom would just drench us in....yup, coconut oil! 

Naturally I then used it to take off makeup, hydrate the skin around my eyes, and violaaaa, it makes the best all natural eye lash conditioner! I've always been an advocate of using castor oil (cold pressed, hexane free) on the lashes, I heard once that it made them thicker and just went with it. Then last year a ton of recipes were going around about coconut oil and other oils making for great leave in conditioners and eye lash conditioners. So I mixed equal parts coconut oil (raw organic), castor oil (cold pressed, hexane free), and pure vitamin E oil (or almond oil- I've done both!), I shake them all together in a travel tube from the container store, dip a clean disposable lash brush through it and comb my lashes each night before bed. 

Also the disposable brushes are optional, my finger tips work just as well to massage the mixture into my lashes. I swear by this method, and as we know, coconut oil, castor oil, and vitamin E oils all do amazing things to our skin and hair on their own, so together they're the FORCE! haha

That's my Saturday secret to achieving longer, thicker, and more importantly healthier, eyelashes....naturally :D

***this method is all natural so it takes longer to see results...but of course :D ***

Thanks so much Jess! I can't wait to try this myself!

Be sure to check out Jess on all of her social medias and give her some love!!

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Interesting Facts About Laughter

We have all heard the saying, 'Laughter is the best medicine'.  So today is the day to take your medicine! It's NATIONAL LAUGHING DAY!

Did you know...

  • When you laugh your actually strengthening the muscles in your face, stomach and diaphragm. Not saying to skip the gym but laughing does your body good!
  • For every 15 minutes of laughing you burn up to 40 calories. WOW! Who needs to diet?!
  • Laughing can create an instant bond between people. When you laugh with a another person or a group you feel a natural connection which helps the alleviate some of the stress that being around new people can create.
  • Laughter is contagious. You know you have found yourself laughing with someone and you have no idea why!
  • We tend to find people who laugh a lot more attractive. HAHA! ;-)
  • Laughing helps to lower our stress levels by lowering the levels of cortisol in our bodies and can also help fight off harmful diseases. Just add a good belly laugh to that apple a day and you will for sure keep the doctor away!

What are you laughing about today?

Wisdom Wednesday

I am obsessed with learning new things. Being in the beauty industry things are constantly changing and I have to keep up with all the new trends to stay relevant with my clients. But knowing the basics and why certain things work so well is also key and I love sharing it with you! So I am always researching products, their ingredients and natural ways of achieving the same results. So today I want to share with you a book I recently found that has been a great tool for me! 


I was on set and just scrolling thru Instagram and came across this book, Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore. She shares her first hand experiences in skin care and gives her own DIY beauty recipes! She really breaks it down for you. I know I can't wait to try all of her homemade goodies for my skin! 

St. Patty's Day

Struggling to find something green to wear today? Ditch the green t-shirt and spice it up a little bit! Green eye makeup has been a hit on the runways recently! 

    Seen here for Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani and Jason Wu.  


Seen here for Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani and Jason Wu.  

So today I wanto to share with you a few of my favorite green eyeliners! 


From top to bottom: 

Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eye liner in Turquoise

Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eye liner in Emerald

Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eye liner in Jade

Georgie Line Fix Gel Pen in Charcoal


I know it's a lot of Stila but I just LOVE their Stay All Day liners and Georgie has quickly become a go-to in my kit also. Hope you have a fun and safe St. Patty's Day!! 

5:2 Challenge

I used to be one of those girls that wouldn't go anywhere without makeup, and I mean anywhere! I didn't have the best skin and I wanted to cover it. And then one of the best things that could of happened to me, happened....I got sick. I couldn't leave the house, no need for makeup! I know this sounds silly but for almost two weeks I couldn't do anything. And guess what, my skin cleared up! 

Now I know your probably like 'G! I can't go two weeks without wearing makeup! Your'e crazy!!' and don't worry because that isn't what I'm asking you to do. WHEW! My challenge for you is to go 2 days a week with no makeup for a month (that's only 8 days!) and see the difference in your skin. Makeup seeps into your pores and if you don't wash your face properly then it can lead to blemishes and cause the collagen in your skin to break down! We don't want that now do we?! 

 If Queen B can do it so can you!

If Queen B can do it so can you!

So I'm challenging you and myself to go 2 days a week without makeup. They don't have to be consecutive, just 2 days a week. LETS DO THIS LADIES!!

Beauty Secret Saturday

This week I talked to another one of my besties Daniela about what her beauty secret is...

Daniela is an amazing woman. She is an Ophthalmic Technician at UCLA Medical Center and also a Doula!! She has one of the biggest hearts of any one that I know and is absolutely gorgeous! I mean look at this face! :)

 So what is her secret? LEMON WATER IN THE MORNING!

Lemons health benefits have been known for centuries. The two biggest being its strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting powers and its digestive aid and liver cleanser which aids in weight loss. So what are the benefits of drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning? Here are just a few...

  • Energizes and enhances your mood - lemons give you a boost of energy and their scent can help clear your mind and reduce anxiety
  • Freshens breathe - lemons can help fight bacteria in your mouth and lesson the potential for bad breath
  • Hydration - we all know we need to drink water everyday, lemons can be a tasty addition
  • Clears skin - the vitamin c and other antioxidants found in lemons help to fight against free radicals and decrease wrinkles and blemishes. It also decreases the amount of toxins in your body to help keep your skin clear from the inside out.
  • Aids in digestion - lemons help to cleanse the liver and loosen toxins in the digestive track
  • Balances PH levels - when your body is too acidic you are more likely to get sick, drinking lemon water regularly helps to remove overall acidity in the body
  • Aids in weight loss -  lemons are high in pectin fiber which help fight hunger cravings 

Im running to the store right now to get me some lemons for the week!

Stila Giveaway

In honor of my first month back to my blog I wanted to give something away! 


Here is how to enter for a chance to win this awesome set of Stila Lip Glazes perfect for your spring pout!! 

1. Follow me and @stilacosmetics on Instagram  

2. Like this photo.  

3. Post a photo of you wearing your favorite spring lip color and use the hashtag #GGgiveaway 

Good luck! Winner will be announced next Friday March 20th!!H

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

I have a treat for you today that has been a favorite of my friends and clients! I love keeping this in my shower and using it a couple times a week all over my body. It's super easy to make and so much cheaper than buying one!

Here what you will need:

  • 1/2 Cup Organic / Raw Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Cup Organic Raw Sugar (I like that it is a larger grain)
  • 1/4 Cup Organic Cane Sugar 
  • Jar to keep it in

Mix your sugars together in a large bowl. Add the coconut oil and mash it together. You don't want to melt the coconut oil before hand as it will melt the sugar and defeat the purpose of the scrub. Keep mashing and stirring until it is all mixed and VOILA you have an amazing organic homemade scrub!

The reason I like the larger grain brown sugar is so that you have two different sized grains mixed in the scrub and it will help to exfoliate better and the coconut oil will leave your skin feeling so soft and moisturized!! 

Its so easy and fast you have no excuses not to try this at home!

Siesta Time

Is daylight savings messing up your schedule? Well don't worry because you can get back that hour today.....ITS NATIONAL NAPPING DAY!! 


Napping is known to have a range of benefits!  

  • Mood booster - don't become that cranky toddler! Lack of sleep can cause the same crankiness in adults, we have just learned to not throw tantrums.
  • Zaps stress - even just laying down for 20 minutes can help you relax, The National Sleep Foundation recommends calling it a 'mini-vacation'. 
  • Increases creativity - the right side of your brain is strongly linked to your creativity and becomes more active in REM. So take a longer naps and wake up with the answer to something that's been bugging you!
  • Boosts productivity - a short power nap can be better than an afternoon cup of coffee!
  • Boosts alertness  - studies have shown that even just 10 minutes can help you feel more alert during your work day! 

I am a huge advocate of siestas and now hopefully you are too! 

Find some time for yourself today, I promise you won't regret it. 

Beauty Secret Saturday

Its Saturday again and I'm excited to bring you another awesome beauty secret! If you follow me on social media then you know who my bestie is... Stephie Lawrence, AKA @StephieLashes. Not only is she one of the most amazing women I know, she is also an incredibly talented makeup artist and don't worry, this wont be the last you hear about her!

Let me start by saying that Stephie and I talk beauty ALL THE TIME! So when I asked her what her beauty secret was it was hard to narrow down something because there are so many wonderful things that she wanted to share. But she finally narrowed it down this one amazing product that has so many uses in your everyday life.... COLLOIDAL SILVER.

Silver has been used in medicine for centuries and has had many ups and downs in the medical field. I wont go into all of the history of this amazing product but if you want to read more on it please visit here

Now, the reason this is Stephie's beauty secret. Colloidal silver is widely known to be antibacterial and antifungal and comes in three forms; gel, nasal spray and droppers. The nasal spray and drops are used mostly when your starting to feel a cold coming on.  The gel, however, has many, many uses. 

A few that Stephie uses it for...

  • bruises
  • razor burn
  • cracked cuticles
  • blisters
  • bug bites
  • pimples

"I literally carry it in my purse!" she says. And she does! Whenever I cut myself, (which if you know me, I do quite often. I run with scissors! Not really run...but have them in my hands a lot. Hairdresser problems! haha Anyways, this isn't about me.) Stephie comes to the rescue and heals my wounds with silver. And let me tell you, my cuts heal much faster when she does! Now I know Im convinced and Im ordering mine right now! Check it out here or I've seen it at Whole Foods or any place that sells homeopathic medicine. 

Hope you have a happy and healthy Saturday and be sure to follow Stephie on Instagram and Twitter @StephieLashes!!!


Spring Into Braids

Braids were seen all over the runways! But lets be honest, have they ever really left?! I am a HUGE fan of braids, always have been and always will be. Anytime I have the chance to do them I jump! 

So here are a few of my favorites

  Bibhu Mohapatra

Bibhu Mohapatra

Love this cornrowed dutch braid into a braided bun. Brings a little edge to something classy.



This, to me, is like a twisted fish-tail french braid and I'm in love! My fingers will be learning this one this spring! Who wants to be my model? :)

  Donna Karan

Donna Karan

This 'chain' braid is to die for. I heard it took 4 hands to create this one backstage! 



Ponytail to fishtail back to ponytail is just so gorgeous and a fun way to spice up a simple style!

I hope these inspire you as much as they do me!

Spring Into Hair Ornaments

Whether it's a simple barrette, a few little decorated pins or fresh flowers, I am definitely swooning over some of the hair ornaments from this springs fashion! 

Here are a few of my favorites...



  Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana





Now don't fret, I have scoured the internet to find some cute ones for you!

Like this one from by L. Erikson ($30) that comes in a range of colors!

Or these fun gold leaf bobby pins form ($18 for 2 pins)

Show your floral side with this one from ($3.90)

Just a few simple ways to help spice up your hair do's this spring! What looks are you looking forward to rocking this spring?

Spring Into Lips

The lips this spring are efflorescent. Whether you choose a sultry deep berry or a flirty orange-red, you can't go wrong with a bright pop of color to brighten up your day or night! 

Here are a few of my favorites from the runway...

  Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

  Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera



  B  urberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum

Now lipsticks are difficult to to recommend as every person has different undertones and one shade looks completely different on two people. BUT that being said, I want to share a few of my favs with you! 

For a deep berry shade I love this satin lipstick from Nars ($27) in Afghan Red. It is smooth and full of conditioners to keep your lips soft and kissable! 

Now this is brand spanking new to the Lise Watier line but I have immediately fallen in love with them! The Baiser Velours ($27) are rich in color, matte and oh so soft on your lips and French Kiss is the perfect orangey-red for this spring!

If you are more of a pink girl then go for Betsey by Stila ($22). This fuchsia is packed with color and also peppermint oil that is not only refreshing but helps to sooth irritated lips. 

Or if you want to try them all (like me!) and don't want to spend over $20 on just one lipstick, I am also a huge fan of Maybelline and their new Color Sensational Rebel Bloom line ($7.49) is amazing! 

Now go show off dem lips!!

Spring Into Skin

Have you been keeping up with all the fashion trends lately?!? This week I want to share with you some of my favorite looks that you will want to be using this spring!


All over the runways we saw some gorgeous ‘no-makeup’ makeup. A little bronzer or some flushed cheeks and that’s all. Talk about cutting your beauty routine in half!

Some inspo for you!



  Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

  Jason Wu

Jason Wu

  Derek Lam

Derek Lam

So make an appointment with your facialist (or go back to some of my older posts!) and get your skin ready because it’s taking top priority this spring!

I also want to share a few products to help you achieve this look!

One of my favorite foundations is Perfection Lumiére by Chanel($58). It's a little pricey, I know, but it is well worth it! Has good coverage but doesn't look heavy and lasts ALL day! For a little bronze look on your cheeks, go with one of these matte bronzers from Smashbox($30). Sunkissed Matte for fairer skin or Suntan Matte for darker skin. Both in my makeup kit and used on the daily! One more product that I can't live without is the convertible color compact from Stila($25). My favorite shade is Camellia, works on almost every skin tone but you can't go wrong with any of them!

Get your spring skin on!


Beauty Secret Saturday

I want to start something new where I ask my family, friends and clients what their favorite beauty secret is and share it with all of you! So naturally I'm starting with my mom! 

Yesterday I was sitting with my mom having brunch and I turned to her and said "What's your beauty secret? How do you stay looking so young?" Her answer "Moisturizer."

Seems so simple but she is so right! Keeping your skin hydrated has proven benefits over the long haul. It allows the skin to function at its peak performance so that your cells can rapidly repair themselves and turnover new cells. HUGE anti-aging benefits down the road!

So don't forget to put that moisturizer on every day, lets keep those skin cells do the best they can do and keep us looking young!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many proven health benefits but lets just talk skin today.

Acetic acid is the main ingredient in ACV, although it does contain lactic, malic and citric acids as well. These acids help to exfoliate your skin and exfoliation is the key element to that healthy glow. ACV also helps to balance your skin's PH and acid mantle. The combination of your sebum (oil glands) and perspiration on the skin's surface create your acid mantle. This is the barrier that protects your skin and makes it less prone to dehydration, less vulnerable to environmental damage (such as sun, wind and smog), and also inhibits the growth of bacteria. Pretty important to protect I would say! Another fun fact about ACV, Hippocrates used it to treat his patients in 400 BC! 

So what's my favorite way to use apple cider vinegar, you ask? Well let me share that with you also!

I love using witch hazel to tone my skin but when I notice that a new breakout starting to pop up, I like to make a little ACV toner to help balance my skin and bring it back to normal (usually for about a week, once a month)

Mix 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar and 4 tsp. of water

 ~for acne/oily skin replace water with roobois tea 

~ for dry skin replace water with chamomile tea

~ for aging/mature skin replace water with green or black tea

Use a cotton ball and swipe over your skin avoiding eyes. VIOLA! Get back to enjoying your healthy skin!