Beauty Secret Saturday

Its Saturday again and I'm excited to bring you another awesome beauty secret! If you follow me on social media then you know who my bestie is... Stephie Lawrence, AKA @StephieLashes. Not only is she one of the most amazing women I know, she is also an incredibly talented makeup artist and don't worry, this wont be the last you hear about her!

Let me start by saying that Stephie and I talk beauty ALL THE TIME! So when I asked her what her beauty secret was it was hard to narrow down something because there are so many wonderful things that she wanted to share. But she finally narrowed it down this one amazing product that has so many uses in your everyday life.... COLLOIDAL SILVER.

Silver has been used in medicine for centuries and has had many ups and downs in the medical field. I wont go into all of the history of this amazing product but if you want to read more on it please visit here

Now, the reason this is Stephie's beauty secret. Colloidal silver is widely known to be antibacterial and antifungal and comes in three forms; gel, nasal spray and droppers. The nasal spray and drops are used mostly when your starting to feel a cold coming on.  The gel, however, has many, many uses. 

A few that Stephie uses it for...

  • bruises
  • razor burn
  • cracked cuticles
  • blisters
  • bug bites
  • pimples

"I literally carry it in my purse!" she says. And she does! Whenever I cut myself, (which if you know me, I do quite often. I run with scissors! Not really run...but have them in my hands a lot. Hairdresser problems! haha Anyways, this isn't about me.) Stephie comes to the rescue and heals my wounds with silver. And let me tell you, my cuts heal much faster when she does! Now I know Im convinced and Im ordering mine right now! Check it out here or I've seen it at Whole Foods or any place that sells homeopathic medicine. 

Hope you have a happy and healthy Saturday and be sure to follow Stephie on Instagram and Twitter @StephieLashes!!!