Beauty Secret Saturday

It's that time of the week again...SATURDAY! I am really excited to share a secret from my fellow lover of beauty Jess Lizama and this week I decided to let her tell you a little bit about it! :)

So I'm kind of obsessed with eyelashes! I've always had long eyelashes naturally, but like the hair on my head they are long, fine, and super straight! There's something about eyelashes that bring youth to the eyes and give the appearance of a night well rested even when you've staying up half the night editing!

I'm islander, which means my mother used to put coconut oil on everything! It was the fix all ingredient in our home.....tummy ache? Coconut oil heated up on the palm of your hand and then rub it on your stomach! Itchy scalp? Coconut oil leave in conditioner. Ran out of SPF? Mom would just drench us in....yup, coconut oil! 

Naturally I then used it to take off makeup, hydrate the skin around my eyes, and violaaaa, it makes the best all natural eye lash conditioner! I've always been an advocate of using castor oil (cold pressed, hexane free) on the lashes, I heard once that it made them thicker and just went with it. Then last year a ton of recipes were going around about coconut oil and other oils making for great leave in conditioners and eye lash conditioners. So I mixed equal parts coconut oil (raw organic), castor oil (cold pressed, hexane free), and pure vitamin E oil (or almond oil- I've done both!), I shake them all together in a travel tube from the container store, dip a clean disposable lash brush through it and comb my lashes each night before bed. 

Also the disposable brushes are optional, my finger tips work just as well to massage the mixture into my lashes. I swear by this method, and as we know, coconut oil, castor oil, and vitamin E oils all do amazing things to our skin and hair on their own, so together they're the FORCE! haha

That's my Saturday secret to achieving longer, thicker, and more importantly healthier, eyelashes....naturally :D

***this method is all natural so it takes longer to see results...but of course :D ***

Thanks so much Jess! I can't wait to try this myself!

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