There is a new kid in town....CLAYSPRAY!

I have always loved a good clay mask but they have brought it to a whole other level! Founded by an archeologist who was fascinated with clay, she created the first emulsified clay in spray form that not only preserves all of its properties but actually improved them. 

They have created 6 different clay masks (some even for the body!) and 2 natural spring H2Osprays. Last night I tried the Red Clay and Cacao Treatment and fell in love immediately! Red clay is a powerhouse of iron oxides that help to brighten and renew cells. Cacao is also full of antioxidants that help protect the collagen in the skin, help increase blood flow to the skin all while helping to decrease the skins sensitivity to light and helping protect from the suns harmful UV rays! And those are just a few of the benefits! (Just typing this I want to run and put the mask on again!) My skin feels amazing after this mask! Not only does it feel smooth and supple and at the same time firmer, I have a natural glow! My favorite part...they are completely vegan, cruelty free!! I have a feeling I will be owning all of these masks very soon.